Labco Exetainer® User Guide

Providing a sample of breath in an Exetainer® 13C Breath Vial

  • Remove cap from vial.
  • Place a suitable breath straw (e.g. Labco product no. VP116/C) into the vial, ensuring that the tip of the straw extends to the bottom of the vial.
  • Take 2 to 3 breaths to clear the lungs – inhaling and exhaling fully.
  • With the last exhale – gently blow through the straw into the vial, whilst slowly withdrawing the straw from the vial.
  • Re-apply the cap to the vial as quickly as possible.
  • Ensure the cap seals well with the vial, but do not over tighten (Refer to Exetainer® vial and cap sealing guidelines).
  • The Exetainer® Breath Tube has an internal coating baked onto the inside of the vial.
  • The warm breath, in conjunction with the internal coating will create condensation within the vial and achieve a cloudy appearance, indicating that a suitable sample has been provided.

The above guidance is provided for the use of clinical professionals and for use in association with kit manufacturer's instructions.

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Exetainer® vial and cap sealing guidelines

The Exetainer® Single Wadded Cap has a pierceable chlorobutyl rubber septum inside, which creates a seal with the vial.

Whilst the Exetainer® vial has been designed to minimise the effects of overtightening, this should be avoided wherever possible. Overtightening may cause the septum to overly ‘pucker’ and / or cause the cap to distort, potentially compromising the sample.

To apply the cap sufficiently:

  • Gently screw the cap onto the vial until resistance is felt with the septum*.
  • Then turn the cap an additional one eighth to one quarter turn.
  • Looking at the top of the cap on the sealed vial from above, a very slight indentation of the septum may be seen through the aperture of the cap, indicating a good seal.

*NB: The Labco Exetainer® RK vial has a special wider thread profile compared to that of our standard threaded vials. Extra care should be taken to ensure an adequate seal is achieved between the vial and cap.

The same procedure above applies for Double Wadded Caps, however a slight domed appearance of the red septum may be seen through the aperture of the cap.

Download a PDF version here