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Exetainer® - Gas & Liquid Vial - DW Range

dw cap 097Our Gas & Liquid - DW (Double Wadded) Vials allow additional multi-sampling from the same vial via the aperture in the cap, while reducing the risk of compromising a sample.

An extra PTFE/Silicon septum is inserted between our regular grey chlorobutyl septum and the top of the cap. This secondary layer allows additional piercings to be made with a sampling needle whilst minimising loss of sample from the vial.

To accomodate this extra septum, the Double Wadded Exetainer® cap is 1.5mm taller than our standard Exetainer® cap with the single chlorobutyl septum.

Our 12ml Exetainer® vials with Double Wadded caps can be found in our Gas & Liquid - DW Section. Other size vials are also available and will be added over time. In the mean time pricing is available on request.